About Westside Christian School
"All students should be able to have a Christian Education."
Westside Christian School offers a strong academic curriculum and a firm Christian perspective for life.  As Christ is the center of all we do, we teach our students to integrate their faith with every aspect of life as discovered in the classroom, in athletics, and with their family and friends. A requirement for our students is to be exactly who God wants them to be; leaving the secular influences behind, and learning to live within themselves by the directives given by God. Once our students realize that they can be who they have been designed to be; a new freedom of understanding opens up and students embrace the learning - not the lying. 
The mission of the Westside Church of the Nazarene has always been to educate the youth of today; with that goal in mind, Westside Christian School was founded in 2004. The West Bay Plaza was once the original site of the Church and Sunday School classrooms. It was the decision of the Church Board and Congregation that the property would be sold to make the school solvent for the future. Years later, Westside Christian School stands strong and maintains a tuition that is one of the lowest in Pinellas County.