Uniforms for All Students

General Guidelines

  1. Athletic shoes or dress shoes. (no heels or wedges greater than two inches). Athletic shoes are required for Physical Education.
  2. Sandals, plastic shoes, flip flops, backless shoes or skates my not be worn.
  3. Socks must be worn by all students.  (no hanging accessories, mismatched, or character socks).
  4. All pants and shorts must have belt loops and belts must be worn.
  5. Students are not to show any part of their undergarments.
  6. Girls' shirts should not be form fitting and must come to the bottom of their pants pockets.
  7. Elementary, middle school and high school students must keep their shirts tucked in the entire school day.
  8. Students may wear appropriate, but not questionable or anti-Christian jewelry.  A watch or bracelet or necklace may be worn if they are moderate in size and not distracting.  Watch alarms need to remain off during school hours.  Girls may wear earrings no larger than 1.5 inches in diameter or length (the size of a quarter) and no more than three earrings in each ear.  (Questionable jewelry will be determined by Administration.)
  9. For Physical Education (PE), middle school students must wear appropriate shorts and t-shirts.  (T-shirts may be purchased at Allen's Sporting Goods.)
  10. Students may not wear these items to school or any school-related functions:
    • Sunglasses, hats, knit caps or out-door scarves inside the building.
    • Nose rings or body piercings.
    • Clothing with any offensive slogans, logos, pictures or writings.  This is especially important regarding slang, gang signs or symbols.
  11. Tattoos are unacceptable for all students.  If a student has a tattoo, it cannot be visible during school hours or at any extracurricular activity.
  12. Girls may wear make-up in moderation.  Boys may not wear make-up at school or at any WCS sponsored function.

Uniform Tops:
Shirts, T-Shirts, sweatshirts and jackets with WCS logos may be purchased at Allen's Sportswear in Seminole (6585 Seminole Blvd.)  Only plain black, gray, navy blue jackets or sweatshirts may be worn without the WCS insignia - no exceptions.  (Jackets or sweatshirts must be plain - no sayings, pictures, etc. are allowed.  Any attached hoods must remain down during school hours.)

Uniform pants, shorts or skirts:
​Must meet the standards as described in the student handbook.

  1. Navy or khaki uniform pants and shorts.
  2. Navy, khaki or plaid uniform skirts or jumpers may be worn by Elementary students (shorts must be worn under skirts and skirts must be knee length).  
  3. Navy or khaki skirts may be worn by middle/high school girls.  Skirts must be knee length or longer.
  4. No tight pants, jeggings, knit pants or shorts.
  5. Pants and shorts must have belt loops and belts must be worn.


  1. Boys must have neatly trimmed hair that is of a natural hair color. Hair must not extend below the collar, top of ears, or below the eyebrows. Extreme shaved styles or other distracting cuts (the head or the face) are not permitted. Sideburns must not be any lower than the bottom of the ear lobe. Students that arrive at school with facial hair will be sent home to shave. Students may not bring shaving supplies, or store shaving supplies, to shave at school.
  2. Girls must have their hair in a style that does not hang in their eyes or interfere with their learning process. The color of their hair must be representative of a natural color; minimal highlights of a natural color are permitted.  No fashion colors are permitted.