Scholarship Opportunities

McKay Scholarship 

If your child has an IEP (Individualized Education Plan) and is currently enrolled in public school or is already attending a private school with the McKay Scholarship, he or she may be eligible to receive free or reduced tuition through the McKay Scholarship at WCS. Get more information on the McKay website or contact WCS for details.
Step Up for Students Scholarship
Families who meet the income guidelines may receive a Step Up for Students (formerly Pride) scholarship. The child must currently be enrolled in public school or be a current Step Up For Students recipient. There are many scholarships available - check it out!
Gardiner Scholarship

This is a new scholarship offered by the state of Florida.  This is an educational savings plan for students who have certain disabilities.  Students who meet the requirements are offered funds that will pay for their tuition and other school fees.    Call us for more information.