Our Educational Philosophy
Our approach is focused on the student - how they learn, how they develop and how they process and retain information.
All courses are at levels appropriate for the student's academic skill level while allowing high school students to earn the appropriate credits needed for graduation. The administrator tailors each student's schedule to their abilities and interests.  Small class sizes and periodic assessments ensure that no student falls behind.  Students are unique; so their lesson plans need to be reflective of that ~ unique! Many times students have had experiences with past teachers and students that have left an unfavorable impression that keeps them from learning or even moving forward. It is important to build confidences that have fallen, egos that are non-existent ~ convincing students that they can learn and will learn in time. Everyone learns at a different pace and in a different way ~ visual, tactile, auditory OR a combination of them all. Becoming comfortable with who they are ... knowing that they can be themselves and learn to succeed. 

WCS uses a variety of textbook and curriculum publishers to offer our students the most effective quality and up-to-date resources.  Our teachers utilize experiential, multi-modal and traditional teaching in all of their lessons. They use computers, games, videos, contests, field trips and experiments to bring lessons to life.

The Westside Christian School academic program is rather unique! WCS looks at each student as an individual learner, so our academic program is designed to meet each child's unique academic needs.   At WCS, our students have the opportunity to take courses reflecting their own strengths and weaknesses at skill levels appropriate for them.  We help each student reach their full personal potential by focusing on their strengths and using their own unique gifts to encourage and motivate them. Their self-esteem and confidence develop while building a foundation for future successes.
All classes are blended ~ there are no special classes. Teachers are skilled in balancing individual lesson plans so that all students feel they are an equal part in the class.  
Westside is a place where students meet and exceed their own potential....
Their parent's expectations ... The plans that God has for them!