Education Committee
Westside Christian School is 'that' school that makes a difference in their Students lives.
 Student's learn values that are built upon what God has already started. 

Westside Christian Schools mission is to bring your student to God and the rest will follow.
Students learn to respect and love others. 
Students learn to discipline themselves to appreciate those who have chosen to 
help guide them spiritually, academically and morally.
Students learn to depend on their own abilities by working hard to 
improve the talents that the Lord has given to them.
 Students learn that they are responsible for their actions, their words and attitudes - 24/7.
Students learn that the harder they work, the more they ask for help - the better their results.
Students learn that they are an individual - not compared to anyone else.
Students learn that their words and actions have consequences at all times - 
students learn that they are safe from others and others are safe from them.
Students learn that the teachers are here to serve the 
Lord and to teach His kingdom.
Students learn that they can achieve a dream - 
fulfilled by their abilities, their knowledge and their determination.
The mission of Westside Christian School is to provide a quality education; 
a secure environment, teachings that reflect God's will, 
mannerisms that portray grace and a curriculum based on the needs of our students. 
Each student is an individual at Westside - with their own lesson plans and their own set of directions!