Sports are an important learning experience for students; not only as an individual, but also as a team member. As an individual, students learn to rely on their own skills, develop their own levels of training, and mostly not to give up - even past the finish line. As a team member, students learn that others rely on them to pull their share of responsibilities, that training only works as part of a group, and most importantly, that each team member wins together and each team member looses together. Students are taught that they need to be who the Lord want's them to be; true to themselves and true to their team. 
WCS offers Physical Education, Health, Interscholastic Competition, Team Competition and most importantly; the goal to work hard and play.
Competitive Team Sports:  Interscholastic Boys Basketball

The Warriors athletic program emphasizes Christian character, leadership skills, sportsmanship, and teamwork. Our no-cut policy gives students a chance to try activities that interest them, to develop a love of sports and to help improve their skills. Students that do not maintain Westside Christian Schools academic or behavior standards will be benched until their grades and behavior improve. 
Westside's Sportsmanship Code
We will seek to honor Christ in our conduct. 
We will show respect to the visiting team and their fans.
We will respect the judgments of the officials. 
We will support & encourage our athletes during the game.  
We will support the decision-making of our coaches.